Do you provide web based email (webmail) so that I can check my email anywhere in the world?

Every account includes 3 easy to use webmail programs that allow you to access your email anywhere in the world. These programs include: RoundCube, Horde and Squirrel Mail.

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Does each account really include Fantastico FREE of charge?

YES!! We've given all our clients access to Fantastico at NO extra charge. Fantastico allows...

What version of PHP are you running?

All servers are running PHP 5.2.x. Updates are done as releases are made available.

Do all your web hosting accounts come with phpMyAdmin pre-installed?

Yes, phpMyAdmin is included with every account, allowing you to easily manage your MySQL databases.

Do you provide SSH access?

No. We do not provide SSH access because security is a top priority at Infinity Web Services. Our...

Do you support Tomcat/JSP?

No, we do not support Tomcat/JSP. At this time we have no future plans to support it.